2024 SPRING SALE Application

Thank you for your interest in joining the 2024 SPRING SALE! If you have any questions please email us at

If possible, please complete and submit this online application. If needed, however, you may download a PDF of the application and submit it by email. (Download the application here.)

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If you are paying by check please send it to:

Sacramento Garden & Arts Center

Wendy Corby, Treasurer

2533 Warrego Way
Sacramento, CA 95826-2433

Or if you choose, pay via PayPal to

Terms and Conditions

For Vendors—Your acceptance to this event will be based on your application submittal. If you have not been a participant in our events within the last few years, please include photos, product descriptions, and/or your work's price range and the Event Committee will decide if it's appropriate for the sale. Decisions of this Committee are final. Vendor's Payment for the space is due before the event starts or your space may be given (sold) to another.

All Clubs are encouraged to join in this event—the Board is putting it on for you—we hope to see you there!!!

Please Read Carefully - Other things you need to know:

The event will take place as scheduled, regardless of weather conditions. No refunds for rain or wind.

Spaces at the sale are not separated by dividers, walls, or draping; each vendor must supply their own displays, easels, table skirting (required), and all other items needed to facilitate sales. Some spaces have pegboard on the walls that can be used; vendors must supply their own pegs (no hooks). Other spaces have rear cabinets or wooden cubes which must remain in place but can be used for display during the show. All spaces are approximate in size and may require walkways against the booth for customers to pass. All spacing, setup, booth size, booth pricing, and location decisions of the Setup Committee are correct and final.

Space in front of Exit Doors cannot be used to display mer- chandise. Exits must remain clear at all times.

Spaces may be shared by no more than two for vendors/artists. A Member Club will be considered to be a single vendor/ artist.

Chair(s) will be provided to each vendor by the Center. Please indicate on your application if you will need more than one chair.

One 6' table is provided for each space at no charge, non- Member Club participants can rent additional tables for $10.00 each. All tables are to be draped to the floor to give a neat appearance. There is no exception to this requirement. Storage boxes are to be placed under the table or neatly stacked at the rear of the booth.

Most of the craft materials sold by an artist are to be hand- made by that artist. Commercially manufactured materials which have been enhanced by the artist shall not make up more than 45% of merchandise presented for sale.

All communications regarding this event will be done by e-mail. Please be sure to include a clearly printed or typed e-mail address on your form. Applications without this information cannot be considered for inclusion in the event. Member Clubs are to designate one person to receive information via e-mail regarding the event as soon as possible.

Each vendor is welcome to bring an assistant to help them during the show.

Vendors may, AT THEIR OWN RISK, leave their merchandise in their booths overnight. The venue will be locked each night but the exterior courtyard, although surrounded by a high wall with locked gates, is the least secure portion of the venue. The Center does not accept any responsibility or liability for items damaged or stolen should you choose to leave them.

NO EARLY BREAKDOWN WILL BE ALLOWED unless you are completely sold out. Contact an event coordinator for permission to leave if this is the case.

All Clubs and Vendors are required to state up front how tall their displays/setup area will be so the Board may determine the visual layout of the room, and place taller displays to the edges of the room or patio if possible.

Additional Charges may be added to clubs that do not turn their applications in on time. If applying for more than one space, please include separate checks for each individual space to facilitate refunding if we are unable to fully accommodate your request for space. If you use more than one space you will be charged for the additional space that you are using.

Please be aware that other clubs/vendors will use their entire space—to the edge of their area.

Food may be available for sale at this event. If this happens, please be aware that the kitchen at the Center will be off limits to everyone (except the food vendor) for this event.

All participants are required to have valid Seller's permit. Confirm validation at

VENDOR Application must be accompanied by three photos or a written description of the merchandise you intend to sell, including price range if you are new to this event.


CANCELLATION POLICY: If cancellation is requested more than 30 days prior to the event, a refund will be made minus a $25 processing fee. No refund at less than 30 days’ notice (unless approved by Sale Chair).